A referendum on annexation to Russia has begun in four partially occupied territories of Ukraine. Fighting continues in Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhia and Kherson. R.usia desperately needs to show political success Following the recent loss of ground in what appears to be an increasingly hesitant and poorly planned military operation. If the Kremlin recognized these areas as its own territory, it would increase the risk of using tactical nuclear weapons to deter a Ukrainian counterattack in the southeast.

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The battered mayor of Mariupol, Ivan Fedorov, has ensured that voting in the occupied city will begin at eight in the morning. Accompanied by armed soldiers, they began touring the neighbor’s house.Fedorov accused armed soldiers of “often” knocking on doors, breaking into apartments and ordering people living there to prepare their passports. later, Scared residents ‘shown’ how to vote.

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A similar case has been reported from Kherson, the only regional center occupied by Russia since the start of the invasion just seven months ago.locals claim that Most people go to work while polling places are mostly empty. Russian soldiers go from house to house where “frightened old men” are mostly left.

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Yuri Sobolevsky, deputy chairman of Kherson’s regional council, urged residents to ignore the Russian soldiers and not let them inside, saying that when the world saw the soldiers in action, “even they could not break into their homes.” You can’t,’ he suggested. The large-scale participation of pro-Russian officials from these regions, as well as the participation of Russian citizens in consultations on the ballot, has also been condemned.

The referendum will run from this Friday through Tuesday, September 27th. Gunduz Mamedov, a Ukrainian lawyer and former Deputy Prosecutor General, told local media:Talks Violate Ukrainian Constitution International treaties signed by Russia, such as the United Nations Statute, the Geneva Convention, and the Hague Convention.

Moreover, the fear is growing. Ukrainian men in occupied territories mobilized forced into war. Young men between the ages of 18 and he 35 are currently not allowed to leave the occupied areas of Kherson, but pro-Russian official sources in Crimea say the men can only do so after obtaining permission at a local recruitment center. only will be allowed to leave the annexed peninsula. . .

in the meantime, Long queues at various border crossings in Russiaand at some airports, as men of conscription age attempt to flee the country to avoid mobilization. It is not yet known how many will be called up to the front because of the

However, several districts of the Russian Federation have issued orders banning men subject to military service from leaving their districts, making escape more difficult.

Despite the Russian Defense Minister’s assurances to the contrary, there have also been reports of the mobilization of people with no military experience or serious medical conditions.

Scenes of hysteria in recruitment centers spread fear among Russians. Recruits mainly come from ethnic minorities and the poorest areas. Residents of the Republic of Buryatia, a region bordering Mongolia, reported that students were taken directly from university classes to recruitment centers.

There is a danger that this mobilization will cause social unrest. Experts warn breeding grounds similar to those that occurred in 1917 may be brewing In Russia, when ill-equipped soldiers left the trenches and joined the Bolshevik Revolution.

Meanwhile, initial reports on the welfare of recently released Ukrainian prisoners of war suggest that they were treated poorly by Russia. Photos taken by show the effects of significant weight loss and poorly treated wounds.

on the other hand, Islamic authorities counted 436 bodies in mass graves In a recently liberated city. Most of the bodies bear “traces of violent death” and 30 bear “traces of torture.” Governor Oleg Siniegbov condemned several men for having their genitals mutilated. Only 21 belong to the military. The rest are civilians. Syniegubov said at least three similar mass graves were found in other liberated settlements.

Fighting continues along much of the front line. Russia would have lost 550 soldiers According to the official estimate of the Ukrainian army, there were 18 tanks on the last day.

Russia used Iranian Shahid ‘Kamikaze’ drones to attack the port city of Odessa in southwestern Ukraine. At least one of her died after a building in the city’s harbor was bombed. Another drone was shot down by Ukrainian air defense. The port is one of three infrastructure he is participating in a UN-backed initiative to reopen grain exports to alleviate the global food crisis.