World NewsIran showed two new ballistic missiles of its own...

Iran showed two new ballistic missiles of its own design


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During the military parade, the Iranian authorities presented two new ballistic missiles of their own design, reports 24 Happenings citing Bulgarian Military News.

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According to the portal, the two missiles – Rezvan and Khaybar Shekan – are produced, developed and manufactured locally by military specialists from the Aerospace Department of the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps).

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The Rezvan missile belongs to the category of medium-range ballistic missiles of the broadest class of combat missiles. The Rezvan is fueled with liquid fuel and detaches its warhead during flight or before impact.

The warhead charge is now known to be a conventional explosive. The maximum range of the missile is 1400 kilometers. According to the Tasnim news agency, the missile can be launched from fixed and mobile ground vehicles.

Meanwhile, Khaybar Shekan belongs to the category of long-range missile systems. As the portal noted, this is a third-generation missile of the broadest class of combat missiles. Khaybar Shekan is also liquid-based and has a removable warhead.

The maximum flight range is 1450 kilometers, which is more like a medium-range missile than a long-range missile, according to the portal. The Khaibar Shekan warhead has the ability to maneuver.

The parade, which featured two rockets, takes place across the country. Part of the parade also took place in the waters of the Persian Gulf. The parade is held in honor of Imam Khomeini, who is the founder of the Islamic Republic.

According to the Tasnim news agency, citing Iranian military experts, Iran has made significant progress in the development and production of various missiles in recent years. The media defines this as “self-sufficiency” in the field of weapons systems.

Iran claims that the weapons it develops, and in particular the different categories of missiles, are only intended to protect the country’s territorial integrity.

Earlier, Iran showed off a new missile base in the Persian Gulf.

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source: tengri news

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