World NewsIn Budapest, Marine Le Pen: supports Orban, condemns the...

In Budapest, Marine Le Pen: supports Orban, condemns the EU


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Marine Le Pen, who is visiting Budapest, criticized the EU’s “ideological brutality” and expressed support for Hungary’s far-right leader Viktor Orban, whom she met on Tuesday.

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“The Hungary of 2021, under your leadership, is once again at the forefront of the struggle for the freedom of the peoples,” said the candidate for the French presidency, during a joint press conference with the Hungarian prime minister.

Le Pen: Anthems in favor of far-right Orban

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Praising the “courage” and “determination” of the Hungarian prime minister, Le Pen “promised” that, if he is elected French president next year, “he will offer him the support of France and its people for the reorientation of a European Union , whose ideological brutality affects even the idea of ​​sovereignty”.

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Le Pen refused to criticize Hungary’s recent anti-LGBTQ law, which is at the center of a legal fight with Brussels:

“As I am fundamentally committed to the sovereignty of each nation, it would not occur to me to come and lecture the Hungarian people,” he said.

Le Pen disapproves of the EU

Denouncing a “concentrating power of Brussels drunk with its own existence, its power, its omnipotence”, the National Grouping candidate denounced a “will to enslave” on the part of the European Union and denied any principle of priority of the European Union . Of law

“This principle can only be enforced through maneuvers” and Polish jurisdictions “are based on asserting (…) their right to define and respect the fundamental norms of their national contract, their social contract and even the social ones of the contract”, he argued. Lepen.

According to her, “the threats of sanctions and, above all, of exclusion, which constitute a rare act of violence against Hungary or Poland, attest to what is at stake in the conflict that has opened”, since “the Union Europe is well aware that everything is working in its favour”. everybody”.

Reiterating his commitment to “reform the French Constitution through a referendum in order to put into operation the principle of its supremacy”, Le Pen stressed that this would also include “the complete solution of the issue of immigration, this scourge from which our states must be protected. protected”. protected.”

On this subject, he denounced the “migratory cataclysm that the European Union wants to organize”, “whose disastrous consequences” will be felt “at an identity, economic or territorial level”.

source: iefi merida

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