World NewsA neurologist called drinks that help relieve anxiety and...

A neurologist called drinks that help relieve anxiety and stress


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Neurologist Elena Miroshnik explained which drinks have a calming effect, reports 24 Happenings with reference to Gazeta.

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According to the expert, herbal teas are the best aids in the fight against anxiety. For a tea or decoction that will help you relax, you will need one or more types of herbs. For example, mint, lemon balm, thyme, chamomile, motherwort and linden.

“First of all, if we talk about natural preparations, these are various herbal teas and preparations that you can get or buy in a pharmacy, infuse them and take them away. Also, a peony is suitable as an ingredient for a decoction, but such a plant is not always easy to find.“, said the neurologist.

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There are always instructions on the packages of herbs on how to infuse them correctly, notes the doctor. In addition, pharmacies have ready-made charges that will help reduce anxiety.

According to the neurologist, children can drink herbal formulations in the form of herbal teas from the age of two, but parents should carefully calculate the dose and remember that it should be half that of adults.

Previously, a cardiologist called the most heart-harming porridge.

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