World NewsThe threat on an Egyptair flight to Moscow is...

The threat on an Egyptair flight to Moscow is a hoax


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Flight MS729 of the Egyptian airline EgyptAir, which operates the Cairo-Moscow route, with an A220-300 aircraft, which was not completed as the plane was forced to return to Cairo airport after a letter threatened to place a bomb, took place since new, but with another plane.

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The aircraft recently left for Moscow’s Domodedovo airport with 93 passengers.

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MS Flight 729 aircraft issued a distress signal today and overturned over the Mediterranean approximately half an hour after takeoff. He returned to Cairo airport 22 minutes after takeoff.

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After a security check of the aircraft, it turned out to be a hoax, Egypt’s national airline announced today.

“Following the landing of EgyptAir flight MS 729, with an A220-300 aircraft, the threat was confirmed to be negative following a review of security procedures,” the airline said in a statement.

source: iefi merida

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