World NewsA member of the European Parliament proposed to impose...

A member of the European Parliament proposed to impose sanctions against the United States and Saudi Arabia


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Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakusic has proposed imposing sanctions on the United States and Saudi Arabia, reports

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The politician posted a video of his speech in Twitter. According to him, the union should ban the import of oil and gas from the United States for its participation in military conflicts, and introduce restrictive measures against Saudi Arabia for fomenting a war in Yemen.

“If we are really fighting for peace, we must immediately impose sanctions on Saudi Arabia and the United States, because the United States has been involved in more wars than any other European country,” the MP said in his speech to the European Parliament.

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According to the deputy, it is mainly the peoples of Europe who suffer the losses from the severance of economic ties between Russia and the European Union. He estimates that these sanctions are directed against half a billion EU citizens and millions of people from the rest of Europe, and that only they will “suffer” because of them.

Earlier, the EU named the possible targets of new anti-Russian sanctions.

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