TechnologyThe James Webb Telescope has released the clearest images...

The James Webb Telescope has released the clearest images yet of Neptune’s rings


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NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope spotted Neptune’s rings. For the first time in 30 years, astrophysicists have obtained an extremely clear framework. The report about this was published on the official website of the association.

It is noted that it was previously possible to photograph Neptune’s rings in such high quality in 1989 using the Voyager 2 probe.

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In addition, Webb sent images of the planet’s faint dust lane, as well as 7 of Neptune’s 14 main moons.

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The photo is believed to have hit the large satellite Triton. It is covered with condensed nitrogen, which reflects 70% of the sunlight that hits it.

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Let us remind you that scientists have high hopes for this device. They expect, in particular, to confirm or disprove the existence of a ninth planet, which is believed to be at a significant distance from Neptune.

Source: rambler

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