A weapon like the Q-SLAM-40 goes by many names. It’s a UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) which is also called tactical multipurpose aircraft system Y tactical prowler system. More colloquially, we speak of loitering ammo or, even more clearly, a drone suicide bomber armed with a projectile. It is a single-use weapon that allows short-range missions to be carried out safely, with the pilot monitoring the system at all times and thus reducing the risk of collateral damage.

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The Q-SLAM-40, which could be seen last week at UNVEX, the drone event for the professional sector that took place in Seville, is being developed by the division Aerospace & Defense of the Spanish technology company archimeaone of the main manufacturers of marauding drones in Europe, at its facilities in Madrid.

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Q-SLAM-40 and its launcher, exhibited at the recent UNVEX 2022.
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This kamikaze drone is designed to be transported by two soldiers in backpacks on their backs. Can be deployed in solo 5 minuteshas a autonomy of 12 and a 6 kilometer range. It serves both for target acquisition as for missions surveillance, reconnaissance and damage assessment in complex combat environments, from the battlefield and from fixed defensive positions.

The system consists of three components: the pneumatic launcher, the aerial platform and the control station. The pneumatic launcher it supports numerous uses and has a low thermal and acoustic footprint.

Q-SLAM-40 unfolding its wings after being shot.

The aerial platform It is a light drone equipped with a silent electric motor that makes it difficult to detect and with a folding wings design to facilitate their transport and launch, since they unfold automatically after being fired with the pneumatic launcher. It has the capacity of multidirectional maneuver, allowing the pilot to match the direction to the mission objective easily. Communication between the drone and the control station is done through a data link system high-speed, bidirectional and encrypted, which can operate in areas where the GPS system is not available. The pilot receives a transmission from real time video that allows you to always maintain control of the mission and safely abort her even at the last moment.

The Q-SLAM-40 tactical loiter system.

The control system is made up of a Tablet and a communications antenna. The tablet, ruggedized to withstand bumps, drops and impacts, allows the rider to control everything system and flight parametersamong which are a wide range of automatic flight modes and also controlled by the pilot.

Launch of Q-SLAM-40.

Last year, the General Directorate of Armament and Material (DGAM) of the Ministry of Defense awarded Arquimea a loitering ammunition research and development contract for the Spanish Army which runs until October 2023. According to the media Defensa.com, the company hopes to be able to certify the drone, on whose development it has already been working for several years, and have it operational in a short time and trusts to carry out the first operational tests before of the end of the year.