SportsOlympic triumph: Monaco prevailed 94-88, made it 3-2 and...

Olympic triumph: Monaco prevailed 94-88, made it 3-2 and advanced to Final-4 in Belgrade


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Olympiakos advanced to the Final-4, after beating Monaco in the 5th and last game of the series, at the Peace and Friendship Stadium.

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The rojiblancos, who were behind the scoreboard for most of the match, with a “snatch” in the last minutes of the fourth period, took the advantage that they maintained until the end and prevailed 94-88.

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The Greek team thus won with a score of 3-2 against the struggling Monaco and will now have the opportunity to win their fourth European trophy in the Final-4 in Belgrade, while in the semifinal on May 19 they will face the champion of Anadolu Europe. Eph.

I held parties inside and outside the stadium at the SEF
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It is characteristic that in many parts of the game the French team was ahead by a difference of up to 10 points, but in the fourth half Olympiakos showed that they deserved the great classification.

The ten minutes: 11-13, 41-48, 66-70, 94-88

The red and white fans

It should be noted that this is the 11th final four in the history of Olympiacos and the first after 4 years.

Celebrations in the changing rooms

The match

Although he found himself trailing by -11 points in the 2nd period with “raining” 3-pointers from Lee and Ouattara and McKissick to keep him “alive” during this period, he had to score big in the second half. triples! With Wokap (17p.) “Ficha” with his own series 7-0 in the 3rd half, the rojiblancos turned around.

In the 4th period the match was a “thriller” and then Costas Sloukas “spoke” who scored 13 of the 15 points in the last ten minutes. Tyler Dorsey played his best game in a row against Monaco, with 16 points. Sasha Vezenkov had 9 points and 7 rebounds!

For Monaco, Mike James finished the game with 24 points, but with 2/10 triples. Watara had 15 points (5/7 triples), 14th Paris Lee (3/5 triples) and 12th Dwayne Bacon.

Olympiakos started with Wokap, Dorsey, Papanikolaou, Vezenkov and Fal, while Sasa Obradovic selected Westerman, James, Ouattara, Thomas and Motiejuna in the top five. Olympiakos led 4-0 (all points by Papanikolaou). The emphasis on defense from both teams was evident immediately after the jambol on both rackets…bodies dropped. On the one hand Mustafa Fal from Piraeus made cuts and rebounds and on the other Motiejounas from Monaco.

The latter started “hot” offensively and with a triple he made it 6-8 in favor of the Monegasques having scored 5 points. Papanikolaou and Dorsey had missed 6.75 for Olympiakos, while the team had 1/6 triples at the end of the first quarter. Monaco won with +4 from James (6-10), but Wookap’s three-pointer put Olympiakos within reach (9-10). Paris Lee had the answer ready for Monaco, from the three-point line (9-13). Costas Papanikolaou was the best Olympiacos player in the 1st half, he won a free kick and after reducing Papanikolaou 11-13, he made an incredible cut to Dwayne Bacon, after an error by Sloukas that allowed Obrado’s team to leave the any. .

With Slouka, Makiskik, Larentzakis, Vezenkov and Martin, Olympiakos entered the second half, while James remained on the bench and Andjusic took his place. With three points from Bacon (he also committed Papanikolaou’s 2nd foul), Monaco got away with +5, 11-16, 11-18 from a Doda Hall foul. The +8 (13-21) was not long in coming for the Monegasques, with shots by Lee.

Hassan Martin’s first points in a row (he was out due to injury in the first four) made it 16-21, but in Monaco’s next attack Lee responded with a triple (16-24). Triple by McKissick (19-24), but Martin… commits a foul on Doda Hall (19-27). And Lee was becoming a man of the game for Monaco, after scoring a new triple 19-30 (+11 Monaco). Again, though, McKissick gave… encouragement to Piraeus for 6.75 (22-30). Martín’s 2nd foul forced Bartzoka to take him out (Fal entered) and James, scoring on both shots, returned the difference to double digits (22-32).

The “rain” of triples continued, with Tyler Dorsey this time (25-32) and Ouattara later (25-35). McKissick gave his best, taking the 2nd foul and the free kick goal from Hall (28-35), while scoring the next five points from Olympiacos (33-41) reaching 16 personnel, with James, Thomas and Bacon to score for the guests. Dorsey’s free kick (36-41) put Olympiakos at -5, while James hit Fal’s 2nd free kick (36-42). For Dorsey 38-42. With 3/4 triples, however, Ouattara momentarily put an end to the ‘rojiblancos’ counterattack (38-45). Ouattara scored another three points (38-48).

Lee (3/4) and Ouattara (4/5) hit seven three-pointers, while Monaco star Mike James had 0/5. In the last attack of the 2nd period for Olympiakos, McKissick passed Wokap, with the American scoring a triple in the 6th minute (41-48) and James again missing 6.75 for Monaco (0/6). Olympiakos had at least reduced the difference from -11 to -7, having corrected their shooting error in the first four games (10/10), but they made 7 errors (Monaco 3). Above all, however, Olympiakos saw Monaco’s back, due to their weakness in defense (they conceded 35 points in the second half) and Li, Utara’s accuracy of 6.75. At the same time, Sloukas and Vezenkov did not help the Piraeus team with a score.

Vezenkov and Thomas each missed a triple for their team and Fal led Olympiakos to -5 (43-48). The curse of him… Ouattara, however, followed up with his fifth successful 3-pointer of the match, 43-51. Wookup and James made it 45-53 and Sasha Vezenkov, from the top of the racket, scored his first three points (48-53). Once again, however, James did not let the rival lower the difference below 5 points (48-55). However, Thomas had a different opinion! The American initially scored five straight points and, meanwhile, got the defensive rebound after a misplaced 3-pointer by Motiejounas. He stole in Monaco’s next attack on Andjusic, to come out of the surprise and categorically nail the ball (7 consecutive points of his own), for 55-55. The people of Olympiakos were going crazy!

After Andjusic’s 3rd foul, Dorsey scored a shot (56-55). Bacon hit a triple (56-58), while Dorsey equalized again (58-58). Fal reached the three fouls, for Monaco 58-60, with shots by James. Martin returned to the court in place of Fal and saw Dorsey tie it 60-60. And the tall Olympiakos won the free kick after Lee’s two points, but missed the shot (62-62). The 5-0 win of the Monaco series (62-67) was signed by Andjusic, but Martin committed the 3rd foul on Doda Hall (64-67) and Sloukas the 4th (66-67). The 3rd period, however, would end in the worst way for Olympiakos… with a triple by Mike James (66-70).

Wokap led Olympiakos to the basket (68-70) and after Thomas’ basket, Vezenkov scored a triple, earning the foul! He was also accurate in the shot (72-72). However, the Olympiakos striker fouled James’ attempt for three in the next phase (72-75). And then Sloukas shouted “present”! He only had 2 points until then, to score three (75-75). However, he missed a double in Piraeus’s next attack. Watara and Bacon found iron on a three try and Wokap missed a layup later. Bad luck for three Lees, with McKissick fouling Bacon (75-77 with 2/2 shots from the American from Monaco). Sloukas charged Lee’s fifth foul and scored just one of two shots (76-77).

Dorsey made a majestic cut to James and McKissick entered the racket for 78-77. James and Hassan scored the following baskets (80-79), Motiejunas put Monaco ahead (80-81), with Sloukas responding (82-81) with a time of 4:28. After baskets by Fal and Bacon (84-83), Sloukas with 2/2 shots took Olympiakos to +3 for the first time (86-83) to achieve a triple immediately after (89-83)! James responded with a triple (89-86) and stayed 1:50΄΄. Sloukas was back in the line of fire and Olympiakos would lead with +5, 91-86. The leader of Olympiacos scored 13 points in the 4th period and 15 in total!

Thomas reduced to 91-88, to be scored this time by Dorsey outside the three-point line (94-88). James missed three, Thomas got the rebound, but time ran out and after misses by Vezenkov and James, Dorsey took the ball and grabbed it…waiting for time to run out, with people coming in fractions before the final end, from the loudspeakers to ask the announcer to come out to finish the time, there were 9 seconds left! And time ran out… with Olympiakos sealing the ticket for the final four.

Referees: Lamonica (Greece), Radovi ((Croatia), Pereth (Spain)

OLYMPIAKOS (George Bartzokas): Wookup 17 (3), Dorsey 16 (2), Lountzis, Larentzakis, Fal 4, Martin 9, Sloukas 15 (2), Vezenkov 9 (2), Printezis, Papanikolaou 6, Makiskik 18 (2)

MONACO (Sasa Obradovic): Lee 14 (3), Bacon 12 (1), Westerman, Thomas 6, Motum, Motiejunas 7 (1), Watara 15 (5), Faye, Andjusic 5 (1), Hall 5, James 24 (2)

The Final-4 in Belgrade

The ‘rojiblancos’ will face the European champion, Anadolu Efes, on May 19, who aspires to consecutive titles at the Stark Arena, while in the other semifinal on the same day, Barcelona and Real Madrid will fight to get out. of the living classic.

According to the Euroleague, the first semifinal will be played on Thursday, May 19 at 7:00 p.m., while the second will be played on the same day at 10:00 p.m. On May 21, the “small final” will take place at 5:00 p.m. and the final at 8:00 p.m.

Emma Stone brought… good luck to the rojiblancos

It is worth mentioning that Emma Stone, with the fact that she arrived in Athens today, directly from the Met Gala, went to watch basketball at the SEF! The top star, awarded an Oscar, arrived in Athens in the afternoon and was in the SEF stands to watch the basketball game between Olympiacos and Monaco, accompanied by George Lanthimos.

Durand is also present at the match

After his appearance in the 4th match of the series between Olympiakos and Monaco in Monte Carlo last week, Kevin Durand was present tonight in the 5th match in SEF. The Brooklyn Nets star boarded the private flight of Monaco’s main shareholder, which left Nice this afternoon, just hours before the start of the race. “KD” sat in the SEF VIPs, alongside KAE Olympiakos owners Panagiotis and George Angelopoulos and former “rojiblancos” leader Vassilis Spanoulis.

In Game 4, Durand was invited by Monaco star Mike James as they bonded over a friendship following James’ move from the Nets last season.

source: iefi merida

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