The 2022-23 Endesa League starts next Wednesday, September 28 with the premiere of the champion Real Madrid against Girona, but somehow it started this Thursday with the presentation gala of the competition at the headquarters of the main sponsor. For those who can’t wait, they have an aperitif this weekend in Seville with the Endesa Super Cup, in which the first title is put into play. For this new season, the ACB wants its matches not to last as long and for the game to be more dynamic, and for this it has changed some rules in search of a greater spectacle.

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The fundamental modification is that of the quick serve, which consists of the referees no longer having to touch the ball before the baseline and throw-ins in their own half to start the attack. Players will be able to put the ball into play immediately, without interruption, thus facilitating the quick resumption of the game and, possibly, more counterattacks and transitions, ”the League itself said on its official website. In the attacking field everything remains the same as before and also on both sides of the pitch in the last two minutes of the matches. The influence of the new rule has already been seen in some pre-season friendlies and in the Catalan League matches, with some quick baskets born from the serve in the own field without having to count on the OK of the referees.

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The other great novelty has to do with the «Instant Replay», which is going to be less of a protagonist, at least outside the final two minutes. The actions in which the referees will be able to go to review what has happened on video will be greatly reduced, but in return the coaches will have a more active role in this regard.

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Last year, about 40 percent of the time the refereeing trio stopped the game to see the picture and make a decision, it was in cases where there was question whether a foul was normal or unsportsmanlike. From now on, in this type of action, among others, whether or not there is a check-up will depend on the technicians, who go from having one “challenge” to having two. If they ask for a review and they get it right, they keep both and if they make a mistake they lose it, as happens in tennis.

In the last two minutes and in overtime, the referees will take the reins of the “Instant Replay” again and can go to the video whenever they want, while the coaches can request a review if they had two available and if they had one left they won’t be able to do it.

The aim is for it to be one more League on the run, at full speed, in which Real Madrid will defend the title in year I after the Pablo Laso era. Chus Mateo faces his first full season as chief technicianwith the base of the squad that won the ACB and was close to lifting the Euroleague, completed with the new faces of Chacho Rodríguez, Mario Hezonja, Cornelie and, especially, Dzanan Musa, the last MVP of the competition.

The Bosnian was precisely the one chosen by the white team to represent Real Madrid at the coming-out this Thursday at the Endesa headquarters, where Abrines was on behalf of a Barcelona team that gives its squad a new twist every year. This summer they have arrived Vesely, Kalinic and Satoransky like big names waiting for Mirotic.

The great return to the ACB is that of Aito Garcia Reneses, who after a sabbatical year arrives at Girona, his sixth team in a competition in which the myth accumulates 1,077 games directed.