SportsLeague of Nations: The Netherlands "embraced" the first place,...

League of Nations: The Netherlands “embraced” the first place, finally a victory for France


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One day before the final of the group stage of the third Nations League, the Netherlands with a 0-2 victory over Poland “embraced” first place.

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In particular, the Dutch must… kill each other to lose first place in the 4th Group of League A of the Nations League and along with one of the four “tickets” for the Final-4 of the competition, since they host Belgium . in the last game. The “Oranie” seek victory, or draw, while even a loss with a goal difference or two makes them.

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Poland will now play for its permanence in League A in the last game against Wales, which was defeated 2-1 in Belgium and the two teams have a “final” ahead of them. The Brits are bottom of the group with just a draw and 1 point, while their opponents in the group final have 4 points and a 2-1 win in the first match between them.

League of Nations: France made a “safe” move

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After two losses and as many draws, France celebrated its first win in the ongoing National League with a 2-0 victory over Austria in Paris. The Tricolor has come back from the last place, where its rival has fallen, and everything will be decided on the last day, with the world champion out of Denmark (25/09) and Austria receiving Croatia on the same day.

The battle for first place and the “ticket” for the Final-4 between Croatia and Denmark in the 1st Group of League A will become clearer on Sunday (9/25). The ‘Croatian’ won the Zagreb derby 2-1, climbed to the top of the group and has destiny in her hands, as long as she wins on Austrian soil in three 24 hours, or does not lose and at the same time . time the Danes don’t win France.

In his debut for the Turkish national team, Yukcek scored in the 87th minute, making it 3-3 for Luxembourg. A result, thanks to which the neighbors mathematically secured first place in Group 1 of League C and promotion to the next highest category.

For the first time in the tournament, Turkey’s goal was violated (it came from 14-0), while it was the first loss on the scoreboard after 4 consecutive wins for Stefan Kuncs’ group.

Eventually, Kazakhstan were also mathematically promoted to League B following their 2-1 victory over Belarus.

Nations League: The results of the matches on Thursday 9/22/22


1st group

  • Croatia 2-1 Denmark
  • France 2-0 Austria

2nd group

  • Czech Republic – Portugal 9/24
  • Spain – Switzerland 24/9

3rd group

  • Italy – England 9/23
  • Germany – Hungary 9/23

4th group

  • Poland 0-2 Netherlands
  • Belgium – Wales 2-1


1st group

  • Scotland v Ireland 9/24
  • Armenia – Ukraine 9/24

2nd group

  • Iceland – Russia* Abandoned
  • Israel – Albania 9/24

*Russia will not participate in the 2nd group of League B and will occupy the 4th place in the group.

3rd group

  • Bosnia/Herzegovina – Montenegro 9/23
  • Finland – Romania 9/23

4th group

  • Slovenia – Norway 24/9
  • Serbia – Sweden 24/9


1st group

  • Lithuania 1-1 Faroe Islands
  • Turkey 3-3 Luxembourg

2nd group

  • Northern Ireland v Kosovo 9/24
  • Cyprus – Greece 24/9

3rd group

  • Kazakhstan 2-1 Belarus
  • Slovakia 1-2 Azerbaijan

4th group

  • Georgia – North Macedonia 9/23
  • Bulgaria-Gibraltar 9/23


1st group

  • Latvia – Moldova 1-2
  • Liechtenstein 0-2 Andorra

2nd group

  • Estonia – Malta 9/23

source: iefi merida

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