PoliticsGeorgiadis: Priority for RES in energy production: Greece can...

Georgiadis: Priority for RES in energy production: Greece can export energy to the EU in the future


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There is great interest in investments in renewable energy sources (RES) in Greece, Minister of Development Adonis Georgiadis underlined at the 17th European Energy Conference.

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In particular, the Minister of Development and Investment, during his speech, highlighted the key role of Greece in the production of energy from renewable energy sources, while stating that his ministry is working intensively in this direction, characterizing as a point The key is increasing the capacity of the electricity grid.

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There is great interest in investments in renewable energy sources since, in addition to environmental reasons, now it is the cheapest form of energy, excluding nuclear. Greece’s role in RES energy production is critical,” said Mr. Georgiadis.

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“One of the biggest foreign investors in Greece, in a meeting we had in my office, told me that “Greece can become the Saudi Arabia of the European Union in the coming decades.” That is, it can produce enough energy at from renewable sources to not only meet domestic needs but to become an exporter of “green” energy to other EU countries as well who will need it. We can achieve that and that is the Government’s vision”, stressed the minister.

“From the wish to the realization, the distance is obviously long. The key point is to increase the capacity of the power grid and increase it as soon as possible. We work a lot in this area, we have many ideas. We estimate that in the coming years the capacity it will have increased by 40%, which is a large percentage compared to the past, but it is not enough,” said Mr. Goergiadis.

“The Ministry of Energy and Environment has already established an institutional framework, according to which the investor has two years to implement his investment, otherwise he loses the license to connect to the network. This needs to be made even stricter,” he emphasized.

Georgiadis: As Minister of Development I welcome all investments in the energy sector

“As Minister of Development and Investment I welcome all investments in the energy sector. However, investments in renewable energy generation should be given priority by those investors who can immediately implement their investments over those seeking financing. This is what the Government represents.

In the coming years, I am sure that we will see great progress in the production of energy from RES in Greece. This is my vision as Minister of Development and Investment, so that energy, from the competitive disadvantage that it is today, becomes a comparative advantage for the Greek economy.

Georgiadis: We are starting the implementation of a program so that small and medium-sized companies can produce energy for their own needs

The Ministry of Development and Investment is starting as soon as possible through the new NSRF 2021-27 the implementation of a program of 700 million euros, with which small and medium-sized companies will have the opportunity to produce energy for their own needs. In the same direction, financing through the Recovery Fund for industries is important (we are working with the Ministry of Energy and Environment on this), as is financing for housing.

If we continue on the same path, in a few years Greece will be a completely different country.”

source: iefi merida

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