PoliticsRomans: SYRIZA issued 30 ads with fake news about...

Romans: SYRIZA issued 30 ads with fake news about Evros – He was silenced by Erdogan’s statements


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Nikos Romanos, director of the ND Press Office, spoke about SYRIZA’s fake news about Evros and the immigration issue, while accusing the official opposition of “silence” about Erdogan’s provocations.

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“I think it is very important to have a strong national front in all of this. As for the part of the immigration issue that we see Mr. Erdogan constantly instrumentalizing, unfortunately we did not see this torn front in the past,” said Nikos Romanos in an interview on ERT1 and the “Conexiones” program, among others.

Romanos: “There seems to be a silence after Erdogan’s speech, at least from the official opposition”

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As he added, “there seems to be a silence after Erdogan’s speech, at least from the official opposition. Typical of the fake news in Evros in August, they released 30 ads, I counted them, playing the fake news about the supposedly dead girl, about the supposed rocky island that was in Greek territory. And, on the contrary, we saw complete silence after Erdogan’s unacceptable statements a few days ago. I think that this should not please anyone and we must all agree on these issues that we must have a strong national front, ”he concluded.

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Addressing SYRIZA member of parliament George Varemeno, he said: “Yesterday, your member of parliament accompanied the president of the Turkish National Assembly to Xanthi. Do you have any comment on that either?”

source: iefi merida

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