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Tsipras: Scandalous lack of anesthesiologists in “Agia Sophia” – Attack on the Minister of Health


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Alexis Tsipras launched a fierce attack on the Ministry of Health and the Children’s Hospital administration when he visited the “Agia Sophia” Children’s Hospital.

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The reason is the “shocking”, as he said, a situation that has been created by the lack of anesthesiologists, with more than 3,000 children waiting to be operated.

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“At the largest pediatric hospital in the country, regular surgeries are not being performed throughout September and we don’t know when they will start again. This poses very serious risks to the public health of hundreds of children and affects hundreds of families, 3,000 families, because that is the number of children who are on the waiting list to seek a solution in private hospitals.

Visit of Alexis Tsipras to Childhood
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This problem did not appear out of nowhere. It has been known for a long time and it is the result of a systematic neglect of the national health system”, said the president of SYRIZA-PS immediately after the meeting he had with the hospital management and the discussion with the workers’ representatives. .

“The government was not careful to act in time”, said Alexis Tsipras

“In 2019, 16 anesthesiologists, 11 permanent and 5 auxiliary, were on call at the largest pediatric hospital in the country. Today there are only 10, which obviously cannot cope with the demands. Since the start of the pandemic, surgeries have started to decline, by almost 75%, and patients have started to pile up,” he said characteristically, accusing the government of “not taking care of itself, knowing the great shortage of anesthesiologists, to mobilize in time to that this could be mobilized”.

“I repeat in the largest pediatric hospital in the country. And that’s a punch to the stomach. Another blow to the dignity of Greek society. “Thousands of children in the largest children’s hospital cannot be operated on for cases that require surgery, regular surgeries that are not performed,” she stressed.

“There has to be another plan”

Continuing, Al. Tsipras expressed the opinion that “dealing with the problem cannot be solved in a magical way, but there must be another plan.” “Another plan to comprehensively address the problem of obsolescence and degradation of the SNS. With strong incentives for doctors, to obtain critical specialties, salary improvement, hiring.”

Visit of Alexis Tsipras to Childhood

“But there is a question here. Is the government worried about how to solve the immediate problem? Or was the response given by the leadership of the Ministry of Health “let them go to private hospitals”? If the mobilization of health workers did not take place, would there even be an interest in addressing the problem?” hospital”.

Demand for anesthesiologists even from private hospitals

“They have to shoulder their responsibilities. It is unthinkable that in 2022 Greek society will face such problems. It is unthinkable to send hundreds of children to private hospitals for surgery at a time when the economic crisis is hitting all Greek families,” he stressed. the president of SYRIZA-PS and concluded:

“So, in our opinion, the immediate treatment of the problem can only be solved with the need for specialist anesthesiologists with experience in infants, even from private hospitals. I do not support clients from private hospitals, but support from the largest public pediatric hospital in the country, even with private doctors when social need dictates it.”

“The responsibilities of the government of the Ministry of Health are enormous”

Earlier, during the meeting that the president of SYRIZA-PS had with the administration of the pediatric hospital, he harshly criticized both the attitude of the Ministry of Health and the administration itself, describing the situation as “shocking” with the waiting of 3,000 children for surgeries

In particular, he complained that the Ministry of Health mobilized a posteriori and only after the health workers themselves first raised the issue with their mobilizations, announcing that they would announce the positions of anesthesiologists as a priority. He pointed out, however, that everyone knows this takes time. “They said in a meeting at the ministry, after the health workers raised the issue for the first time with their mobilizations, that some anesthesiologists will be transferred from other public hospitals. A question arises: do we have excess anesthesiologists in some public hospitals? Mr. Tsipras asked.

Addressing the administration of the Children’s Hospital “Agia Sophia”, Alexis Tsipras underlined: “Every anesthesiologist is not the same when it comes to an adult and when it comes to a child. Anesthesiologists with special experience in infants and young children are needed. Where are they in other hospitals and we don’t know? Unless we baptize them.”

In this context, he emphasized that “to solve the problem now immediately, instead of thinking of sending children to private hospitals with large contracts in favor of individuals, we must think the other way around. How are we going to order doctors with experience from private hospitals to come to the public Children’s Hospital, which is the largest in the country, so that it can work? He added that “it is not an issue of political confrontation.”

“For the largest pediatric hospital in the country, not performing surgery is a blow to the stomach and to the dignity of society. 3,000 children who need to be operated do not have access to the operating room”, concluded Mr. Tsipras.

source: iefi merida

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