PoliticsKarathanasopoulos on subsidies: "They want people to learn to...

Karathanasopoulos on subsidies: “They want people to learn to live with little”


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“Allocations come from people’s pockets,” Nikos Karathanasopoulos, a KKE parliamentary representative, said of the government announcements.

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The KKE parliamentarian spoke today on “Nautemboriki TV” and pointed out that “through this policy they want people to learn to live with little, not to have demands, to have a low bar.”

“Danger of Covering Up the Surveillance Case”

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For the Commission of Inquiry on follow-up, he said that “what we have pointed out from the beginning, that there is a risk of trying to cover up this whole case, it seems that we have this development and they are leading us to a gradual closure of the affairs of the Commission because the majority refused to question other witnesses and what is impressive is that they refused to question all the witnesses proposed by the KKE for the case of wiretapping and surveillance of the telephone center at the headquarters of the Central Committee of the KKE”.

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He recalled that “the Commission of Inquiry had to examine three questions: the case of N. Androulakis, Th. Koukakis and the KKE” and added that “in this persecution of the majority” there was “tacit tolerance of the representatives of SYRIZA and PASOK, that is, a systematic attempt was made to cover up the enormous responsibilities of the SYRIZA and ND governments.”

“There is ground for cooperation between ND, SYRIZA, PASOK”

Regarding the scenarios of cooperation governments, he said that there is room for cooperation between ND, SYRIZA and PASOK “because they have a common strategy that is the EU policy, participation in NATO and the strategic agreement between Greece and the United States. .USA”.

He stressed that the KKE has nothing to do with them and called on people “to side with him against any government that is formed, which will have a prescribed anti-people policy.”

“NATO, the US and the EU want to ‘meet’ with Greece and Turkey”

He expressed the KKE’s concern over the Greco-Turkish affairs, noting that “Turkey is showing more and more intense aggression, while NATO, the US of our country’s sovereign rights.”

He also referred to the possibility of a “generalization of the conflict” between NATO and Russia and pointed to “Greece’s involvement in the development of American bases, the shipment of weapons, which endangers the country’s defense capacity, and in the sanctions against Russia that are a boomerang for the people”.

source: iefi merida

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