PoliticsPapathanasis: through targeted support schemes, we are driving a...

Papathanasis: through targeted support schemes, we are driving a new generation of investment


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The Deputy Minister of Development and Investments, Nikos Papathanasis, referred to the timelessness of Greece-France relations.

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Mr. Papathanasis delivered a speech at the event organized today by the Greek-French Chamber of Commerce on the theme: “ESG and sustainable development: the French experience and the Greek reality” and, as he characteristically said, the two countries ” They’re always on the same side of history.”

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The deputy minister also referred to what the Greek Government has achieved despite the adverse conditions due to the health and energy crisis, such as growth of 7.7% for the second quarter of 2022, the reduction of unemployment to historical lows since 2011 , the 20-record year in foreign direct investment, the export record in 2021 and the increase in travel income this summer.

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“The above are important indicators showing the fruits of our continuous and tireless efforts,” said Mr. Papathanasis. He also emphasized that ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria lead the business in new directions of environmental responsibility and perception of leadership that ensure sustainable development.

“The global trend shows that more and more companies are accepting and applying these principles,” said the Vice Minister of Development and Investment.

Papathanasis: “With the new Development Law we are trying to strengthen a different investment concept”

Likewise, Mr. Papathanasis referred to the initiatives of the government at the national level for the green transition to 2030, such as the National Plan for Energy and Climate and the Law of Transition to Fair Development, which simultaneously promotes the change of the productive model in the lignitic areas.

“With the new Development Law 4887/2022, we are trying to strengthen a different investment concept as the Ministry of Development and Investment. Through targeted aid schemes that promote digital and green transformation, research and innovation, we are effectively encouraging the business community to move into a new generation of investment.”

Concluding his speech, the deputy minister stated that “with more and more tools we aspire to give even greater priority to sustainability and climate neutrality, ensuring the country’s future”.

source: iefi merida

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