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SYRIZA: Stylianidis did not learn any lessons from the country’s past in the fires


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SYRIZA issued a statement following statements by the Minister for Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Evripides Stylianides.

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The minister previously referred to the evolution of the different fire fronts, as well as their treatment by firefighters, leaving open the possibility of an arson attack.

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SYRIZA in its statement establishes the following:

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“During the last few weeks, citizens have been watching the communication programs of Mitsotakis – Stylianidis, who assured them that the country has been shielded from the fires.

And today, Attica burns again. And the minister in charge came out in front of the crowd to congratulate himself.

He couldn’t find a convincing explanation for why neighbors are trying to save their properties without help or why the police are operating in the fire fronts, after the 3,500 organic vacancies of the firefighters, and even with… showers.

Mr. Stylianidis did not learn any lessons from the country’s past or from other European experiences, as he claimed. The only lesson he learned is from Mr. Mitsotakis, who thinks that the thicker the lies, the more convincing they are.

Since you refuse to fill the thousands of gaps in the Fire Department, we recommend that you at least not provoke.”

source: iefi merida

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