PoliticsKaranikas in favor of Polakis for the... octopuses -...

Karanikas in favor of Polakis for the… octopuses – “Disciplinary for Alba, before she becomes journalistic garbage”


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The position in favor of Pavlos Polakis is taken by the former Strategic Planning Advisor to the President of SYRIZA, Nikos Karanikas.

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In a social media post, Mr. Karanikas states that “any newspaper can write what it wants and criticism is inevitable, but a left-wing newspaper and specifically AVGI cannot publish the positions of comrades and even with the ultimate purpose to attack.” the partner. Unacceptable. Anti-partisan and, above all, anti-companion”.

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Mr. Karanikas demanded the immediate operation of the ethics committee to condemn the article. “Immediately before the end of the AVGI newspaper, a journalistic trash that slanders peers and serves octopuses,” he concluded.

The post in detail:

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“Bad for the left.

Right by immoral liberalism.

In both the democratically elected party organs and the OM, members have the right to express their opinion and criticize anything.

Opinions expressed exclusively in the organs are dealt with within the party democratically and not publicly in AVGS, the party’s newspaper with gossip aimed at killing characters and slandering people.

Any newspaper can write what it wants and criticism is inevitable, but a leftist newspaper and specifically AVGΉ cannot publish the positions of the comrades and in fact with the ultimate goal of attacking the comrade.



and above all anti-partner.

Big mistake.

It certainly won’t happen again as we have a neo-liberal ND government to defeat and not reward it with attacks on comrades.

These philanthropic journalistic tricks are not leftist and favor gossip, slander, vulgarity, right-wing culture, which unfortunately leads to vileness and other members who rushed to defend the philanthropic right to so-called free journalism, making it just plain cheap. Abjection.

Take immediate measures so that we do not experience it again.

The ethics committee to function immediately, characterizing Avgi’s article as an insult to the party executive – Pavlos Polakis, but also to the party itself.

“Immediately before the end of the AVGI newspaper, a journalistic garbage that slanders peers and serves octopuses.”

What happened to “Avgi” and the octopuses

It all started when last Saturday the “Avgi” party published on its front page an extensive article about… the rights of octopuses.

The article was discussed at the SYRIZA Central Committee meeting, where many executives criticized the newspaper for the type of opposition it carries out.

Dawn’s attack

However, what is interesting is that the director of the newspaper, Angelos Tsekeris, promised to respond to these executives, who did not fail to leave serious points for those who criticized the newspaper.

In his article entitled “The DAWN, the octopuses and the Central Committee of SYRIZA-PS.“, He wrote:

«At the SYRIZA-PS Central Committee meeting, some comrades, known for their exuberant spontaneity, erupted against AVGIS. “What kind of opposition are we doing?” they wondered, when on Saturday does AVGI have octopus rights on the front page? And a large part of the attendees thought it was cute and applauded.Tsekeris noted, adding:

«For several weeks, AVGI has launched a column by Petros Katsakos on animal rights in its Saturday edition. The column has a great response from the reading public and is widely reproduced on the Internet. Last Saturday, his topic was the mass farming of octopuses and the fact that it is not protected by law. But the problem here is not the octopuses.
The point here is that some comrades consider themselves the rightful owners of the boys’ opposition. And how rightful owners of the opposition, consider all other boiling water, compromised, tholoculturists, right-wingers, unable to confront “masculinity” with the opponent. And the octopuses make them sour

«Only AVGI is not opposed to octopuses. Every day he gives the political battle on behalf of the left in the most militant and documented way he can. No one has so far questioned his political suitability. So this newspaper – and it strikes us that those who were quick to applaud this attack did not bother to take it into account – had as its first topic police violence in universities and the Mitsotakis government’s attempt to create an atmosphere of artificial aggravation . As a second topic we had a newspaper report on the working conditions in a central hotel in Athens. And much more.
The fact that, among other things, we had on the front page, like every Saturday, the number of P. Katsakos’s column does not constitute a criticism of a deficient opposition. So let’s think, maybe, given the circumstances, we need something Less Levantine graphics than we produce. East
“, concludes the director of” Avgi “in his Facebook post, photographing Pavlos Polakis who had criticized octopuses.

The article even ended:

“PS: Next Saturday, P. Katsakos’s column will be about donkeys.”

join, nail

Mr. Polakis promised to respond to the “Avgi” staff, who accused them of “character assassination». “Gather around, take a look at yourself and your grief,” she says in forceful style.

«Petros Katsakos and Angele Tsekeri, the ideology or the sensibility of each one, IS NOT THE POLITICS OF THE LEFT.
Left politics is the specific battle against entanglement and the Mitsotakis!

An alternative proposal of the progressive left is not the rights of octopuses and donkeys, but to nationalize PPC again, make one or two banks public, make the basic 800 euros and 2,000 the salary of the new doctors, change justice measures with specific institutions !!
For THESE LATTER, another world has come and will come to SYRIZA! For these, I said it and just like that, the members of the Central Committee applauded my report on their front page on Saturday about “octopus rights”! (Photo 1)
I spoke and criticized you in a closed party body, as I had the right, and I did not even respond to leaks that some people gave on the subject and even distorted!
Today YOU RETURN PUBLICLY with an article with characterizations against me and murder of characters (Photos 2-3-4 and 7-8)
Get together: you and your pain are nailed.
Our people have rated us ALL for both our suitability and our offering, based on what we do!
And the ranking is obvious…
ΥΓ.So as you understand, I will continue to produce octopuses, as I did when I was little (photo 5-6) I am an “anti-fair”, what to do?”, wrote Mr. Polakis and posted relevant photos of Avgi, but also his own to produce octopuses.

source: iefi merida

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