OpinionGermany: Berbel Bass elected President of the Bundestag -A...

Germany: Berbel Bass elected President of the Bundestag -A woman in charge of Parliament again


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The German Federal Parliament now has a new face in its presidency, Brebel Bass. He was elected with 576 votes in favor, 90 against and 58 abstentions.

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Accepting the result of the vote, the 53-year-old Social Democrat (SPD) MP from Duisburg, a member of the “left wing” of the SPD, referred to Annemarie Renger, the first female president of the Bundestag in 1972, but also to the second , Rita Schussmuth, from 1988 to 1998, who was present in the room: “It does our country good for citizens to see a woman assume responsibilities within our democracy.”

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In his speech, he also pointed out that the fact that the Bundestag is especially young in this legislature -with an average age of its deputies of 47.5 years- and multi-member, is “an opportunity for all of us”, underlining that Parliament You must be at the center of society and your work to reach every corner of the country.

Photo: AP Photos
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“I expect from parliamentarians respect for citizens, but also from citizens respect for Parliament,” she said characteristically, while, addressing her predecessor, Wolfgang Schäuble, Mrs Bass said: “You respected our parliamentary democracy.”

Photo: AP Photos

source: iefi merida

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