OpinionSudan: Flights to and from Khartoum Airport Suspended After...

Sudan: Flights to and from Khartoum Airport Suspended After Coup


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The Sudanese Civil Aviation Authority suspended all flights to and from Khartoum International Airport until Saturday, airport management said.

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The head of the Civil Aviation Authority told Reuters that the suspension was due to current events in the country.

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Ibrahim Adlan said that Sudanese airspace remains open for transit flights.

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Demonstrators took to the streets today after yesterday’s deadly clashes to protest against the military’s takeover.

Seven killed in clashes in Sudan

Seven people were killed by bullets and 140 others wounded in protests against a military takeover in Sudan on Monday, a Health Ministry official said.

The leader of the coup plotters, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, yesterday dissolved the mixed body, made up of military and civilians, which had the task of leading the country to democracy after the overthrow of Omar El Bashir after the popular uprising of 2019 .

General Burhan imposed a state of emergency. He promised that elections would be held in 2023 and that power would be handed over to the civilian government elected at that time.

The organizations and factions that led the mass mobilizations more than two years ago called on the Sudanese to take to the streets to protest and continue civil disobedience.

source: iefi merida

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