OpinionThe Prado Museum searches its funds for works confiscated...

The Prado Museum searches its funds for works confiscated by the Franco regime


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The Prado Museum, one of Spain’s leading art institutions, has announced that it will search its collections for works that may have been confiscated during the Spanish Civil War and stored in its facilities.

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The Museum of Madrid published earlier in the week a list of 25 works that, according to evidence, had been confiscated and placed in the Museum under the dictator Franco’s regime. In fact, he published photos of the 22 works, specifying that the other three are in very poor condition.

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By Thursday, the number of projects confirmed to be seized had reached 62.

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During the Spanish Civil War from 1936 to 1939, several works of art were stolen and, in some cases, the families of the original owners are still trying to recover them.

The goal is to return the works to the families

Among the artworks on the Prado list are paintings by Jan Bruegel the Younger, Francois Boucher, and Joaquín Soroya.

The quality of the works is very different, there are some by great well-known painters such as Joaquín Soroya, but also anonymous paintings, whose owners will never be known, Andrés Úbeda, head of conservation and research at the Prado, told the Spanish public. TV

Investigators will now try to determine why these works were seized, he said, noting that it is the first step in a long process aimed at returning the works of art to the families of the original owners.

source: iefi merida

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