OpinionEuropean budget 2022: what the European Parliament is preparing

European budget 2022: what the European Parliament is preparing


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Recovery from the pandemic remains a priority for the European Parliament in its negotiations with the European Council on the 2022 budget.

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Chief MEP Karlo Ressler (EPP, Croatia) reported that the first priority is to support the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis along with laying the foundations for a more resilient Union. “We want to invest in a vibrant economy to help small and medium-sized businesses and employment, especially for young people.” he said.

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He continued: “The second priority is to continue with the digital and green transformation. Third, we want to develop a strong and healthy union. We also want to focus specifically on the younger generation and our children. Here Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps are perhaps the two most visible examples, but ultimately most of our programmes, directly or indirectly, also focus on young people.”

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Ressler underlined that the European Parliament must be united and strong in order to guarantee the best possible results in the negotiations with the Council.

“We have to be ambitious. We have to invest”

With these words, the MEP head of budget negotiations wanted to outline the logic of the European Parliament for the 2022 budget. Support those most affected by the pandemic and significantly increase investments.

Even Afghanistan on the table

Humanitarian aid will be the means by which the EU will respond to the demands arising from the events in Afghanistan. “We are trying to deal with it mainly through a humanitarian aid route for the Afghan people and neighboring states”make a note of.

Unforeseen developments require additional money

Ressler added that with “the greatest crisis of our generation”, during the pandemic, the process for someone to put together the annual budget is becoming more and more difficult because “You have to set aside a lot of money to deal with unforeseen events”.

Ressler, in conclusion, emphasized that the budget proposed by the European Parliament aims to support all generations, all regions and regions of the Union, taking into account the asymmetric effects of the pandemic.

source: iefi merida

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