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King Charles’ love of cures and weird cultures – ‘A fan of quacks,’ says L’Express


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Those who were quick to cheer that Britain’s new King Charles III could raise his voice in the fight against climate change and in defense of the environment should probably lower their expectations.

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This is because Charles, who has built a very profitable organic business, has used his influence in the past to promote strange treatments and has proudly declared himself to be an “enemy of the Enlightenment”, as the magazine points out. French Express.

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Of course, it is understandable that the president of the UK “School of Homeopathy” three years ago called the support of the then Prince and now King Charles “a great honour”, but it is worth noting that the elected officials who participated in the Science and Technology Committee of the House of Commons had already declared in 2009 that homeopathy had no evidence of its effectiveness.

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And the support of the then prince for this pseudoscience was not surprising, since in 2016 he had revealed that he used it to treat his farm animals. And in the 2000s he had asked the Ministry of Health to fund homeopathy, according to letters brought to the attention of the British newspaper The Guardian in 2015, after 10 years of effort.

These letters had also revealed his lobbying for other “alternative” therapies, which is also not surprising given that, in addition to homeopathy, over time o Charles supported acupuncture, reflexology, reiki [μια παραδοσιακή Ιαπωνική ενεργειακή θεραπεία που βασίζεται στην μεταβίβαση της πνευματικής συμπαντικής ενέργειας], chiropractic and “anthroposophical medicine” through the “College for Integrative Health”, an organization created under his supervision specifically to study the so-called alternative therapies. A “patient guide” published in 2005 recommends several of these practices, but again without mentioning the lack of evidence of their effectiveness.

Charles’s interest in biodynamic agriculture

King Carlos III, a longtime environmentalist, loves botany and gardening. As early as 1986, he converted his farm at Highgrove to organic farming, but he is also a strong supporter of biodynamic farming, a set of farming practices envisioned by the Austrian architect and occult philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925).

Founder of anthroposophy, Steiner mixed everything from reincarnation to karma to demonic entities, and gave his doctrine practical variations in education (Steiner-Waldorf schools), health (anthroposophical medicine), and agriculture (biodynamic agriculture). In 2016, speaking via video conference with the Association for Biodynamics in Italy, Charles responded to “evidence-based” science and touted Steiner’s “visionary advice.”

In 2017, he gave the keynote speech at the international biodynamic conference, where he again criticized “reductionist scientific thinking”.

And not by chance. “Steiner criticized modern science, explaining that he had a very narrow point of view,” emphasizes Grégoire Pera, a “repentant anthroposophist” and leading critic of the movement in France. Steiner’s words resonated with Charles, who once said that he was “proud to be considered an enemy of the Enlightenment.” In his 2010 book Harmony: A New Worldview, he complained that “the spiritual dimension of our existence” has been “dangerously neglected in modern times.” In the same work he describes biodynamic agriculture as “a method of food production that comes even closer to the natural processes of agriculture and all the life cycles of nature”. In fact, this practice is based on mysterious “cosmic” forces. To “activate” the soil, it is used to store cow dung for several months in horns buried in the ground, before it is all diluted in homeopathic doses for spraying. Other preparations use venison bladders, cattle intestines, or pet skulls! Biodynamics also respects lunar and astrological rhythms, while the influence of the stars on plant growth, an ancient belief, has never been proven…

source: iefi merida

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