EntertainmentKaterina Kainourgiou: revealed the reason why she had two...

Katerina Kainourgiou: revealed the reason why she had two operations on her nose


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The reason why she underwent nose jobs twice was revealed by Katerina Kainourgiou through the “Super Katerina” show.

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More specifically, when she was 17 years old, the Alfa presenter underwent surgery on her diaphragm and plastic surgery on her nose, while falling and hitting herself, she was forced to undergo a second surgery.

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“I was 17 years old. Apart from the nose being bad, the most important thing, and that’s why my parents signed me up for surgery, I couldn’t breathe. I was sleeping with three pillows, I had a very serious problem. I was snoring. I also had plastic surgery at the same time because it was an opportunity and my nose was really ugly. So I break it. I fell and hit it and I’m doing it again a second time. Most people who have diaphragms have strong noses and they also have plastic surgery. But the men just do the septum and say it’s fine,” said Katerina Kainourgiou.

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This is not the first time Katerina Kainourgiou has spoken openly about her nose job. “It is a personal matter of each woman who does not want to admit it. You can say you don’t want to talk about it. I have also drawn it, because I have changed my nose, I had another nose. Unfortunately, though, pictures appear on the internet, maybe from school, maybe from a classmate, while you’re saying “I haven’t had, I haven’t had plastic surgery.” Well, that’s what it looks like!” the presenter has stated in the past.

Katerina Kainourgiou: I broke my nose and they reconstructed my septum

source: iefi merida

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