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Survivor: Hacker leaked video with private moments of former player – He asked for 50,000 euros


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A reality show contestant Survivor fell victim to a ruthless hacker when he managed to break into her social media accounts and steal videos of her private moments.

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It all started when a hacker managed to gain double access to the accounts that the former Survivor player had on Facebook and Instagram. According to the “Super Katerina” program, the hacker entered his personal messages without his knowledge and discovered that he had exchanged videos of his private moments with his partner.

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The hacker downloaded the videos, saved them, and sent a message to the reality survivor letting her know that he had the videos of her and her partner. In fact, he asked her for 50,000 euros for not leaking it on the internet.

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She explained that she did not have that money and then he asked her for 5,000 euros and sent the video to her relatives through Facebook to pressure her. The “haggling” continued through messages and the price dropped to 1,500 euros. The girl sought the help of an expert, but the hacker began to leak the videos on social networks through a private message.

The Survivor Player Message for Bass

“I am uploading this photo not because I feel like working, not to get likes or anything. The only reason I’m doing it is to say through this that no one has the right to invade my personal life the way I want,” the former Survivor player wrote on social media.

At this time, an investigation would have been launched into the traces left by the hacker and all those who still share the video online today, and the case is expected to reach justice.

source: iefi merida

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